Seminar Survival

Today I gave the department seminar on a piece of one of my dissertation topics. My brilliant classmate Ryan has created an app called "Seminar Survival" that allows audience members to "check in" and "check out" throughout the seminar, indicating whether they are following along. Below are the results from my talk. »

ENAR in words

I had an absolutely delightful time at ENAR this year. Lots of talk about the intersection between data science & statistics, diversity, and great advancements in statistical methods. Since there was quite a bit of twitter action, I thought I'd do a quick tutorial in scraping twitter data in R. »

Intro to GMD

Lucy and I have made a simple package that allows you to pull down a collaborative google doc directly into an RMD file on your computer. Hopefully speeding up the process of writing collaborative statistical documents. »

The prevalence of drunk podcasts

For today's rendition of I am curious about everything, in Hilary Parker & Roger Peng's Not So Standard Deviations Episode 32, Roger suggested the prevalence of drunk podcasting has dramatically increased - so I thought I'd dig into it. »

Yoga for modeling

A New Year's resolution for all of our models: get more flexible! By flexible, we mean let's be more intential about fitting nonlinear parametric models. »

Lucy D'Agostino McGowan on #rms,

CatterPlot thank you note

Lara Harmon has put in countless hours to build and uplift the ASA Student community. We are SO grateful. »

Lucy D'Agostino McGowan on #thankyou,