dplyr thank you note

It’s that post-holiday time of year to write some thank yous! I’m getting excited to attend rstudio::conf next week, so in that spirit, I have put together a little thank you using dplyr.

dear <-function(input, you = "you") {
  cat(input, "\nDear ", you, ",", sep = "")

thank_you <- function(input, for_the = "gift") {
  cat(input, "\n Thank you for the", for_the)

personal_touch <- function(input, from_the_heart = "I hope you have a lovely New Year!") {
  cat(input, from_the_heart)

from <- function(input, us = "us"){
  cat(input, "\n Cheers,\n", us)
"A dplyr Thank You Note" %>%
  dear(you = "R Studio") %>%
  thank_you(for_the = "opportunity to attend rstudio::conf.") %>%
  personal_touch(from_the_heart = "We are SO looking forward to learning from and with you all.") %>%
  from(us = "Lucy, Jacquelyn, and Alli")
## A dplyr Thank You Note
## Dear R Studio, 
##  Thank you for the opportunity to attend rstudio::conf. We are SO looking forward to learning from and with you all. 
##  Cheers,
##  Lucy, Jacquelyn, and Alli

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Lucy D'Agostino McGowan

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